Our values

Our values


Our core values reflect what we believe and stand for.They ensure that we’re headed in the right direction and helps us to build a transparent corporate culture. Our core values are Exact, Dedicated, Well-behaved, Influencer, and Now.


1. We’re responsible for safeguarding our planet for future generations by using things like recyclable packaging and implementing sustainable working conditions.

2. We will never use scantily dressed women or play on female sexuality in our marketing.

3. We will never promote a negative macho culture in our advertising. We strive to create a different view of masculinity.

4. We only co-operate with companies that share our view of everyone’s equal value.

5. We will continue our efforts to dedramatise male grooming and fight for every man’s right to feel comfortable with their appearance.

6. We will always be ready to re-evaluate current truths.

We are exacting, we leave nothing to chance, and we take great care of all the crucial details. This could be a handwritten thank-you note with each order, products that are not released for sale until they are perfect down to the tiniest little detail, or the careful and responsible handling of our own finances, administration, and stock. Everyone who comes into contact with Nõberu of Sweden – our customers, distributors, co-workers, or partners – should feel at ease, knowing that we won’t do anything sloppily or without due care.

Nõberu of Sweden was conceived out of the idea of a comprehensive brand for men that stands out from the crowd. Products that neither smell of pine nor are promoted using scantily clad women. We are dedicated to much more than just selling good products – we want to change the market and society’s perception of male grooming. We strive to create a world in which men don’t need to be tough, hard, and macho if they don’t want to be.

The word “committed” doesn’t fully describe how we feel about our mission. We don’t like just to go to work and hope that we grow. We’re passionate about creating something new. Nõberu of Sweden and our vision of changing the male world is not a pursuit of market share – it’s a lifelong dedication.

“Be yourself more” is more than just a tagline. At a time when women are afraid to go out alone on dark evenings, when many young men are taught that masculinity is synonymous with having a tough exterior or a shameful perception of women, we think it’s important to have the courage to take a stand. Nõberu of Sweden has been created for men, and in our reality, it’s obvious that everyone is of equal value.

It’s okay for a man to be sensitive and to like taking care of himself. Being respectful and well-behaved goes without saying. The men who use our products are aware of a common desire to feel comfortable in terms of their personality and their appearance. Those of us who represent our brand do so by acting as noble gentlemen and women, as we would want our customers to be able to feel. Well-behaved, kind, and respectful.

We want to influence male grooming markets and trends – just like our competitors. But our ambition goes further. We want to influence the world men grow up in. We want to create a world where the perception of what is and isn’t masculine is fundamentally changed. We don’t want to live in a world where all men are moulded the same and where male grooming is seen as unmasculine. We know how much a fragrant beard or a freshly shaved chin can do for self-esteem, and it’s ridiculous that women should have exclusive rights to “me time” in the bathroom. We want to be true influencers, and we have a genuine ambition to change the social norms that prevent men from having the courage to care about themselves.

Nõberu of Sweden will not only follow trends but also create them. We’re at the heart of the industry and meet our customers on a daily basis. This is key to being at the forefront of market trends. We’re always scouting for situations where we can explore new things and stretch the boundaries between today and tomorrow. We want progress, but not prematurely. It’s important that we don’t accept narrow-mindedness, that we lay ourselves bare and never hide away. We’re flattered when our competitors copy us, but we’re careful to always stay one step ahead.