Hudvård för män - Om Nõberu of Sweden


Our vision is to create exceptional self images for men. Our five year ovar all goal is for our products to have a place of honor in any bathroom, as well as a natural place on the shelves of historic department stores like Harrods in London and Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm.By 2021, we want to be the biggest comprehensive men’s grooming brand.

Nõberu of Sweden was born from an idea for a comprehensive brand for men who stand out from the crowd. Our products don’t smell like pine needles, nor are they promoted in advertisements with naked women. We are dedicated to more than selling good products – we want to change the market and society’s perceptions of men’s beauty care. We are dedicated to creating a world in which men don’t have to be tough, severe or macho if they don’t want to be.

Nõberu of Sweden will do more than follow trends; we will create them. We are in the core of the industry and we meet customers daily – an essential tool for refining our instincts. We’re seeking a context in which we can breathe in the new and push the limits between today and tomorrow: always moving forward; never arriving too soon. 

We don’t want to live in a world where all men are cut from the same mold and where caring about men’s beauty is considered unmanly. We know how much a delightfully scented beard or freshly shaved face can enhance self-confidence, and we want to give men the right to their own time in the bathroom. We want to be truly influential – and we have a genuine goal to change the social norms that prevent men from daring to practice self-care.

We are precise; we leave nothing to chance and we care deeply about crucial details. Maybe it’s a handwritten thank you card in every packaged order; products that are not released for sale until they are perfected down to the last detail – or thorough and responsible management of our finances, warehouse and administration. Everyone who comes into contact with Nõberu of Sweden – customers, distributors, employees or partners – should feel secure in the knowledge that we do nothing haphazardly or without care.

Mailing adress:
Noberu Distribution AB
Stora Torget 1
503 30 Borås

Visitng adress:
Armbågavägen 3
506 30 Borås